Aparajitha Vellambi Ravisankar

Photography Collections: Care and Conservation

An advanced course in photographic conservation at the Centre of Photographic Conservation, London.

Varunika Saraf

Changing Art Markets.

To study late 19th and early 20th century paintings & drawings in the V&A, the British Library and other UK centres, as part of a study of changing art markets.

Shambwaditya Ghosh

Archaeological Collections Management

To undertake an internship on archaeological collection management and display at the LAARC of the Museum of London

Syed Parvez Kabir

Crafting Tales

To study how the discourse of craftsmanship was woven around 19th century Indian Crafts through writing cataloguing and display in the Victoria & Albert Museum

Nachiket Chanchani

pre-Mughal Western India

To study the pictorial traditions of pre-Mughal Western India to begin understanding the logics guiding the formal structure of paintings and to determine their semiotic functions in linguistically hybrid Jain and Vaishnava manuscripts

Smriti Haricharan

Portable Antiquities Scheme

To research the system and procedures of the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS)