Bessie Cecil

 Kodali Karuppur textiles

A study of the 17th century Kodali Karuppur textiles from South India and Watson's volume by Dr. J. Forbes Watson.

Dr. A. Nagender Reddy

Modernisation of the Museum

To study the methods of display, documentation, conservation aspects, storage, use of technology for modernization, security, private I public participation in Museum development.

Manvi Seth

Enhancing Visitor Experience

To study the practices of Museum visitors and access studies at the Learning & Visitor Services Department

Vikram Singh Rathore

Paper Conservation

An internship in paper conservation at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Shovana Sarangi

Children in the Museum

To acquire professional training in the children's museum education at the Museum of Childhood and V&A museum, London.

Dr N J Francis

The Ancient and Modern Lives of the Amaravati Sculptures

Research at the British Library, London, in relation to the study "The Ancient and Modern Lives of the Amaravati Sculptures: Historicizing the Elliott Marbles".