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A study of the history of Mangi Tungi - Jain rock cut cave temples in Satana Taluka, Nasik Dist, Madhya Pradesh - and the surrounding region.

An integrated study of sculptures and other art objects associated with the Jain religion in the collections of the Victoria & Albert Museum and the British Museum.

"Hinduism" and the question of "Hindu art " in the 19th century  - a study of the devotional objects and artefacts in the Victoria and Albert Museum and other museums in the UK

Works of the British Artists in India and U.K. in the period from 18th to 19th centuries on India - a comparative study on styles, techniques and themes etc.

The ‘U.K. Visiting Fellowship 2013-14 awarded by the Nehru Trust for the Indian collections of V&A Museum, U.K.  helped me to enhance my knowledge on British Art and British artists of 18th & 19th centuries who worked mainly on Indian subjects. Through my project I tried to pursue a comparative study between the British artists of 18th-19th centuries, who came to India and depicted and documented the subcontinent truthfully and those who never came to India but depicted India on the basis of primary and secondary resources, i.e.