India Travel Award

Caroline Jane Cook

Gujarat Textiles

Research on historical and contemporary collections of textiles from Gujarat

Divia Patel

Contemporary Art in India

Study and research and development of contacts in contemporary art studies in India

Anne Buddle

Scots in India 1760-1800

Research on the rule of Tipu Sultan, with particular focus on Scots in India 1760-1800, for an exhibition 'The Tiger and the Thistle' to be held in Edinburgh, summer 1999

Anna Hillcoat

Scroll and Miniature Painting Collections

To study the contemporary use and production of scroll paintings and the techniques of miniature painting in relation to the conservation of similar objects at the V&A Museum

Nicole Lee Boivin

Chalcolithic period organisation and architecture

Fieldwork in Rajasthan and Gujarat, to examine the settlement organisation and architecture of the Chalcolithic period in Western India

Elizabeth Lambourn

Islamic architecture and stone carving in Cambay

Dr Graham Parlett

Western Artists in India

Research relating to the catalogue of paintings of India by western artists in the collections of the V&A Museum

Cary Rajinder Sawhney

"Cinema and Independence" research project

Philip Andrew Thompson

The Conservation of  Indian Paintings

To present two training workshops on the conservation of Indian paintings and to study painting on cotton in India

Dr John Clarke

Himalayan collections at the V&A

Research towards a catalogue of the Himalayan collection in the V&A Museum