India Travel Award

Nigel Bamforth

Collections Care in Jodhpur and Mumbai

Research and dialogue on heritage conservation issues and to hold conservation training sessions in Mumbai and Jodhpur.

Stephanie Roy

20th Century Photography

Research relating to the early photography of Dr Murray, Captain Tripe, and Captain Lyon

Dr Andrew Topsfield

Indian sculpture Exhibition Research

A study of major museum collections and sites in northern India in connection with the catalogue of Indian sculpture at the Ashmolean Museum

Christopher Bayliss

An Excavation in Gilund

To visit an excavation in Gilund and also trips to Chalcolithic and Harappan sites in Rajasthan, Gujarat and Haryana

Nicholas Barnard

The Early Garden in India

Mark Elliott

Community and Identity in Calcutta

Research into the use of the Indian Museum in Calcutta as a focus of community and individual identity

Dr Jennifer Anne Howes

Mackenzie Collection Exhibition Research

Fieldwork in connection with research on the Mackenzie Collection

Colin Mackenzie (1754-1821) was the first Surveyor General of India. During his time in India he collected drawings of monuments, sculptures, people, animals and anything else that caught his interest.

The Mackenzie collection holds 1,680 drawings, made over more than 30 years. It is the largest single collection of British drawings in the Prints, Drawings and Photographs Section of the British Library's Asia, Pacific and Africa Collections.

Yasmin Hales

Contemporary Indian Tribal Art

Research towards a socio-cultural study of Indian contemporary tribal artists

Dr Christopher Pinney

India Pop Culture

Research in Delhi, Dehra Dun, Mussoorie, Kanpur and Calcutta on aspects of popular visual culture

Julia Shaw

Sacred Landscapes

Research on the sacred landscape of Sanchi and its neighbourhood