Nehru Trust Awards

Nehru Trust Awards

The Trust aims to achieve its mission by making it possible for scholars and professionals from India and the UK to develop and share skills relevant to these subjects and to gain access to Indian cultural resources both in India and in the UK.

The Trust’s primary activity is an annual awards programme for individual scholars and museum professionals from both countries in order to enable them to study, carry out research or undertake training in both India and the UK. The awards programme is announced each autumn; awards are made in late March and must be taken up within the subsequent year (1 April to 31 March).

The Trust also administers grants on behalf of the V&A Jain Art Fund, and works in collaboration with the Charles Wallace India Trust with whom it offers an annual joint UK Visiting Fellowship.


Mr. Sachin Kumar Tiwary

An ethnoarchaeological interpretation of rock art from Kaimur District of Bihar.

Mr. Ritvik Gautam Balvally

Torpedo Jars in Indian Ocean Trade: An Appraisal.

The Small Study and Research Grants (India) was awarded to me when I was in my last year of Post-Graduation. The award helped to visit different places such as Udaipur for my research on Torpedo Jars and also supported my sample preparation cost for the thin-section petrography studies.

Mr. Vrushab Mahesh

Study of Oral Traditions and Contemporary Practices Associated with Veergals (hero stones) in Hassan District Karnataka.

The award of the grant allowed me to undertake extensive surveys and interact with the local communities, thereby further enriching my knowledge on the memorial stone tradition in Karnataka. It allowed me to experiment with diverse methodologies in practice and formulate a medium to integrate them to bring out a meaningful interpretation of data.

Dr. Riza Abbas

Colours of life: decoding the rock art of the historical period in India.

Ms. Sayantani Ghosh

A study of different types of huqqa and their depiction in art.

Dr. Shobha V.

Systematic documentation of megalithic and early historic cultural remains in the Hugyam valley in Kollegal taluk, Chamarajanagar District, Karnataka.

Dr. V. Jeyaraj

A survey of British period sculptures in cultural institutions and in public spaces in Tamilnadu.

Mr. Thangadurai T.

A study, documentation and mapping of the fortifications of Pudkkottai region from 1300 -1900 CE.

Ms. Rajalakshmi Karakulam

A study of phytoliths from the Harappan site of Shikarpur, Kutch.

Ms. Joyee Roy

A study of British Artists who worked in India in the period from the 18th to the 19th centuries.