Small Study and Research Grant (India)

V. Selvakumar

To study the early historic settlement systems of the lower Kaveri basin on the east coast of Tamil Nadu

Mrinalini Singh

For comparative study of the behaviour of pigments in different media

Dr. A. Sahadevan

Study of history official heroes in oral historical tales

Thingnam Sanjeev

A study of Puya text (Archaic Meitei Script) of Manipur.

Uma Krishnaswamy

A study of hand painted cloths or kalamkari tradition of South India with specific reference to the painted Epics and Legends of the extinct and existing schools of Tamil Nadu

Narendra Singh

For research study on Archaeological discoveries in Chamoli valley, Uttranchal

Maneet Kaur Chhatwal

To study primitive Tribal textiles (Bondo tribals), Wall painting & floor decoration, training & study of natural Dye (Lac & Jackfruit) in Ikat textiles of Orissa

Dr. A. Vijay Kiran

Research on Conservation of Church Antiquities

Deepti Tripathi

To study the history, art and architecture of ancient monuments of Gwalior region

Lara Azzola

Divine Dancers: Iconography and symbolism of the nrttamurtis in Brahmanical tradition