Small Study and Research Grant (India)

Dr Vithal Sukhadev Badiger

A study of Yadava temples and cultural dynamics through inscriptions

Anjali Duhan

Murals in Kurukshetra District, Haryana (18th-19th) Century A.D.

Dr A. Ekambaranathan

A study of Saiva icons in Tamil Nadu (6th - 9th centuries).

C.V. Sharada

For study on bone modifications done by carnivores.

Dr. C. Maheswaran

For research study on the Decorative Pottery Lids of Megalithic Nilgiris

Jennifer Chowdhry

For documentation of the collection of Jhajjar museum

Dr. Ranjusri Ghosh

For archaeological investigation in two Dinajpur districts (Dakshin and Uttar) of West Bengal.

P. Umachandra Maheswari

Music Pillars in southern Tamilnadu

S.B. Darsana

For antiquarian research in Kerala from 19th to mid 20th centuries

Anindya Kanti Biswas

A study of Ramkinkar's landscapes in water colour in the perspective of Indian landscape painting