Vasudha Joshi

Painting Restoration: Research and Training

To research and receive training in conservation and restoration of easel paintings from the Conservation Centre, National Museums and Galleries Liverpool

Sujata Parsai

Textiles & Arts of the People of India

Professional training in modern methods of storage and preventive conservation, documentation and museum interpretation at the V&A museum, London.

Arundhati Banerjee

Pre-Kushan Terracotta Figurines

To study collections in the UK as part of a study of the chronology of terracotta figurines of Pre-Kushan times from the Gandharan region

Satarupa Dutta

Satgaon Quilts

To study Satgaon quilts (lindo-Portuguese trade textiles from Bengal) and related materials in the V&A museum, London, and other UK institutions

Dr Sarita Khettry

Mahayana iconography in Gandhara

To study the collections of Gandharan art in UK museums and institutions in relation to a planned monograph on Mahayana iconography in Gandhara

Dr Padmanabh Samarendra

Science, colonial state and indigenous opinions

For a research study entitled Science, colonial state and indigenous opinions: enumeration of caste by H.H.Risley, at the British Library and other UK institutions