Sutapa Lahiri

Sutapa Lahiri

Mature Harappan Architecture in Haryana: An Archaeological and Ethnographic Perspective

PhD Research Scholar, Deccan College of Post Graduate & Research Institute, Pune

My interest lies in the study of Harappan period, application of ethnoarchaeology for understanding the continuation of tradition, and paleo-anthropological studies. In Indian context the application of ethnographic observation becomes very important since there is an amalgamation of modern as well as primitive tradition living together.

It is due to this perspective; the present research focuses on the Mature Harappan with special reference to architecture in the Haryana region of India. This research will enable in redefining the interrelationship and influence of different factors such as environment towards architectural remains as well as how man utilizes the different space within a household.

The results of this type of analytical study will help to identify the function of an ancient site as well as the socio-economic organizations. Therefore, such approach is essential in Indian archaeology today for looking into the micro level perspective of an ancient culture and thereby it would help in reconstructing holistic life-style of the Harappan people.