Nehru Trust Awards

Nehru Trust Awards

The Trust aims to achieve its mission by making it possible for scholars and professionals from India and the UK to develop and share skills relevant to these subjects and to gain access to Indian cultural resources both in India and in the UK.

The Trust’s primary activity is an annual awards programme for individual scholars and museum professionals from both countries in order to enable them to study, carry out research or undertake training in both India and the UK. The awards programme is announced each autumn; awards are made in late March and must be taken up within the subsequent year (1 April to 31 March).

The Trust also administers grants on behalf of the V&A Jain Art Fund, and works in collaboration with the Charles Wallace India Trust with whom it offers an annual joint UK Visiting Fellowship.


Shiv Kumar Sharma

Research on the Ramayana theme in Indian and South-East Asian painting

Rekha Tandon

Study and Photo-Documentation of Orissan temple architecture

Dr Anjan Ckakraverty

Research on the Shikargarh motif in miniature paintings and textiles of Mughal north India

Anjan Chakraverty

Study of Shikargarh motifs in the miniature paintings and textiles of Mughal North India

This award enabled me to do fieldwork in the Varanasi area and to document research material in the Indian Museum Calcutta, and the National Museum in New Delhi. This impacted on my later research, writing and teaching. 

Madhuvanti Ghose

Research on the Origins of Anthropomorphic Iconography in Hindu and Buddhist art

Sunil Gupta

Considering the Bengal School of Art

Suresh Jayaram

Documentation of Contemporary Indian Artists (Hebbar, Bendre, Husain, Chavda)

Dipak Bhattacharya

Grant to collect slides and research materials relating to company paintings of Patna, Calcutta and Murshidabad from UK collections

The award facilitated my resarch on company paintings and gave me the crucial direction for my investigation. After this award I received the pre-doctoral Fulbright Fellowship which allowed me to explore the American collections and meet personalities like Stuart Cary Welch, Milo Beach and Vidya Dehejia. And the Visitor's Grant from the British Council created the opportunity to see the best of Company Paintings in the Victoria and Albert Museum and India Office LIbrary, and to meet scholars and curators like Robert Skelton and Deborah Swallow.

Pranabranjan Ray

18th and 19th century art in India

Sharada Srinivasan

Metallurgical analysis of South Indian bronzes in UK collections