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Study of the Pithora paintings by the Rathwas of Chhota Nagpur

I had been wanting to work on the Pithora paintings made by the Rathwas as a part of their religious traditions. The award enabled me to supplement library work with empirical fieldwork. This enabled me to develop a perspective on the social and religious belief patterns of the community. It will also help me in conducting further comparative research.

Video documentation of museum objects in Tamil Nadu

The project bult on my earlier award from the NTICVA and focused on the Nayak temples in Tamil Nadu. This in turn led to a major research project funded by the University Grants Commission.

Iconography of Narasimha as portrayed in literature and sculpture with special reference to Tamilnadu

The topic chosen for the first award was not a usual one and I had to visit most of the places from where I had drawn reference. The fieldwork done for this award was a very exciting experience it helped me to look into many other aspects connected with t. The study has actually resulted in a source book for future reference and this is in my opinion the most satisfying part of the Study Grant.

A study of the murals of Alchi monastery

This grant was to facilitate research for my MA dissertation, and was a great help. It supported my travel to Leh and Alchi as well as enabling me to photo document the monasteries of Alchi.