UK Travel Award

Sushobhan Adhikari

Presenting on Paper Conservation

To present a paper at the Fourth International Paper Conservation conference in London

Dr Dipankar Pal

Digital Presentations in the Museum

To visit the V&A Museum and other science museums in the UK, for a comparative study of modern electronic and computer-based techniques used in display

Laksmi Narayan

Indian textiles & Empire: John Forbes Watson

Study the Forbes Watson collection and related material at the V&A Museum, London

Dr S D Trivedi

Indian medieval sculpture

To carry out a critical study of Indian medieval sculpture in UK museums, and to study the latest techniques of display

Dr Subashini Aryan

Himalayan art in UK collections

Dr Kalpana K Tadikonda

Distribution of Indian art in UK collections

For the documentation of Indian collections in UK provincial museums

Dr Himanshu Prabha Ray

British archaeological collections

The study of British archaeological collections relating to early trade in the Indian subcontinent

Dr P Swarnalatha

Coromandel cloth

The study of patterns of consumption of Coromandel cloth in 18th and 19th century Europe

Professor Ratan Parimoo

Gandharan art

For the study of Gandharan and Central Asian Art in the UK

Dr Shridar K Andhare

Jain material in the UK