UK Travel Award

Arun Kumar Nag

The 'Third Voice' in early history-making processes in India

S Girikumar

Management and care of Photographic Collections

Training in advanced photographic conservation techniques at the Centre for Photographic Conservation, London

Dr Sunjay Jain

Museological Developments in the UK

To make an analytical study of museum practices in Britain and assess their relevance to the Indian context

Rakesh Dhawade

Indian arms in the UK

To study Indian arms and armour collections in the UK and their display and conservation

Vidya Nand Singh

Digital Asset Management Systems

To study new developments in computer based documentation systems in the UK

Kakoli Barkakoti

Assamese paintings in UK collections

Dr Nandini Sinha

Tribal & Pastoral peoples

To consult and study research materials in the UK relating to research on the history of tribal & pastoral peoples (18th - 19th century)

Vikas Dilawari

Past in Present: Care of the Gothic Revival

Although I had been in the UK for a year and had obtained an MA in Conservation Studies from the Institute of Advanced Arhitectural Studies, University of York on a Charles Wallace India Trust scholarship, and had formal qualifications, I was lacking practical training. This is where the Fellowship was tailor made. In India I had the distinction of being one of the earliest practicising conservation architectects, but in retrospect I feel that this fellowship made all the difference to my career.

Kristine Michael

Indian studio pottery movement

I work as a practising ceramic artist in New Delhi and Pondicherry. I began my research projects as self-initiated ones, because as a part time visiting faculty at the TVB School of Habitat Studies, IIT Design Centre, Bombay, and the MS University Baroda, I realised the lack of any scholarship in the area of ceramics by art historians. I wanated to teach about the Indian historical engagement with ceramics, seeing myself at the present end of a long line of makers.

Pratip Kumar Mitra

An investigation of the medieval cities of Gaur and Pandua

For study and documentation of unpublished UK archives and collections relating to the medieval cities of Gaur and Pandua