UK Travel Award

Dr. A.K. Singh

Archaeological Materials in the British Library

To carry out research on papers relating to archaeological research in Rewa and in the British Library.

Dr. Byanktesh Narain Singh

Digital Asset Management Systems

Study of documentation, archiving methodology as well as exposure of the Electronic Record Management System.

Dr. Vishvajit Pandya

Arts And Crafts Of Andamab

To participate as keynote speaker in a symposium focussing on Andaman Nicobar collections

Dr. Sharda Srinivasan

Bronze Icons: Insights

To study the Chola & South India Bronze Icons and ArchaeometaIlurgical Insights

Rita Swami Choudhary

Musical Instruments in India

Study of Musical Instruments in reference to acquisition, documentation, preservation and dissemination

Dr. Pramod Kumar Mohanty

A study of the culture of colonial cities

After a general introduction to the South Asian collections at the V&A, I mainly devoted my time in the UK to refer to both printed and unprinted documents relating to my study mainly at the British Library and partly in other places like School of Oriental and African Studies in London and the Centre for South Asian Studies at Cambridge University.

Dr. Sutapa Sinha

Sultanate Coins of India

To study and document the Sultanate Coins of India in the important Museums of London, Oxford & Cambridge.

Anuradha Chaturvedi

A cultural resource centred sustainable development model for the region of Ladakh

This research visit was sought in order to obtain materials to contribute to my PhD dissertation. During the period of the award it was possible to access a number of important sources of information pertaining to the Ladakh region, the most significant among these being the Album of Pictorial Maps of the area know as the "Wise Album' as well as the Schlagintweit survey expedition accounts. At present (2005) I am writing a paper based on the "Wise Maps" which will become a chapter in my PhD.

Madhu Rani K P

Caring for works of art on Paper

Siddhartha Das

Exhibition Design and Display

To study museum and exhibition design as an intern in the Design Department, V&A