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European influences in Mughal painting and decorative arts

The award helped me in the collection of photographs and reading materials and in accessing original manuscripts easil from various museums and libraries in India and thus increasing the value of my study.  I subsequently took up a PhD in the same subject at the National Museum Institute. 

To study the art of Metal Casting

The grant allowed me to gain more knowledge of the subject , which I was able to communicate to other colleagues through a paper on Cultural Heritage and Scientific Preservation and through lectures and other interactions. My report " The Art of Metal Casting" was submitted to the Trust.

Wood-carving in Saharanpur, Panjab

I received the grant when I was pursuing my MA at the National Museum Institute, New Delhi. It gave me an opportunity to have first hand experience of working in the field. I interacted with local artisans and got a deeper understanding of various aspects involved in woodcarving. I have no doubt in claiming that this was one of the first pieces of work ever to have been done on this art. Without the grant I don't think I could have done such a work, and the award has played a significant role in shaping my career.