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Pointing Method of Stone Carving in Jaipur, Rajasthan

The grant helped me to work on this subject - a project that I had dreamt of doing but could not take forward because of monetary problems. It helped me to come to know about a traditional method of carving which is almost dying out. It has both helped my creative work as a sculptor and given me knowledge that I can pass on to my students so that they can use it in their work. I have also discussed the procedures with colleagues who work on portraiture.

Artistic expression of the Kodavas through artifacts, ritual and performance

The grant helped me to understand the ethnic culture of the Kodavas (Kodagu, Karnataka)  and largely exposed me to the rural environment, paving the way to the use of natural materials, pigments, cloth for my growing practive of installation and site-specific work. I was awarded the Commonwealth Arts and Crafts Award and was artist-in residence at the University of Newcastle in 1997-8.