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An iconographical study of Varaha images in the Vaishnava temples of Tamil Nadu

Nageswaraswamy Temple: a Study

The award provided the financial support to undertake a study of the temple, and allowed me to take photographs of the architecture and images in the temple. This research will assist me in my teaching of M.Phil and PhD students.

A monograph on Sendalai temple, Thanjavur

This grant enabled me to do several things. It allowed me to cover many places on my fieldwork and to meet the costs of photography. A basic idea on inscriptions became my main thrust and focus. This led to studying one temple in detail, and I got the opportunity to examine different dimensions of its structure and organisation.

Study of the Art of Temple Gateways

This award was useful in many ways. The project involved not only desk work but also fieldwork and funds were needed for both fieldwork and photography. The project included the study of gopuras, agamic and silpa texts besides literature, inscriptions and other evidence. The grant gave me great encouragement to carry out the project, and on its completion, more than five articles were produced.