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An iconographical study of Varaha images in the Vaishnava temples of Tamil Nadu

A monograph on Sendalai temple, Thanjavur

This grant enabled me to do several things. It allowed me to cover many places on my fieldwork and to meet the costs of photography. A basic idea on inscriptions became my main thrust and focus. This led to studying one temple in detail, and I got the opportunity to examine different dimensions of its structure and organisation.

Study and documentation of Chola Bronzes in the museums of India

This award was a timely help, when I was planning to document the Chola bronzes in and around the Thanjavur region for the visitors of our museum. After getting this award, I extended the area for collecting data on Chola bronzes to the museums of India. This gave me an opportunity to acquire the latest museum techniques and to gain more information about the provenance of Chola bronzes kept in different museums. I plan to bring out a small catalogue about Chola bronzes which will be useful to our visitors.

The Silharas of Kohlapur, A survey of temples in Kohlapur and vicinity

This project built on my MA dissertation (MS University of Baroda) "the Koppesvara temple at Khidrapur: a study of architectural renovations". That work focused on the stylisc analysis of the temple architecture. A large number of temples of this period have been destroyed or perished over time, and there was a clear need to develop more detailed documentation of the Kolhapur area in the Sikhara period. This grant allowed me to make a start with this work. I hope (2001) to undertake the study of the architecture of the Northern and Southern Konkan for a PhD.