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Study of Mithila Painting

From the very beginning I was planning to gain a knowledge of the layers of Mithila painting, especially its relationship with other practices of folk-art. I was, and still am, of the opinion that Mighila painting is a living tradition which is supported by many other folk practices of the region. Its history, myths, usefulness, sociology, social significance, ritual normative patterns, hidden philosophy and last, but not least, the creativity of the women who paint, are very important factors to know.

A project to record and document Folk Art and Craft in the villages of Chandigarh

At the time I received the award, I had already crossed the first phase of my career. Looking for some encouragement or motivation to start afresh. At an individual level the award provided a psychological boost allowing me to work with a new zeal. The research that I carried out has had both an impact on my career and professional inclination. Earlier I was a self-centered artist pursuing my own creative urges. However this project has opened new vistas and changed my perspective towards the utility of art.

Contemporary arts in Bengal: modernity and status

This grant was helpful in preparing a convincing research proposal for the doctoral programme at the Faculty of Fine Arts, the M S University of Baroda. Subsequently I was engaged in documentation works towards the study. The research experience also gave me the confidence to handle the ambitions and take part in a major art exhibition - Art of Bengal, Past and Present - a joint venture with the Centre of International Modern Art, Kolkata.