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Photo-documentation of mural paintings of Christian Churches of Kerala

By career I am a biology teacher, and my interest in the field of art is actually extra curricular. However I am trying to co-relate my career with the field of art by doing some studies related to art-conservation. I have conducted some studies on bio-deterioration of objects of cultural value in Kerala where this is (2001) a pioneering attempt. The encouragement and financial support provided by the NTICVA grant was helpful for preparing the background of the present study.

Baluchar silk and temple terracottas: a comparative study of motifs

The award gave me a good opportunity to travel and visit many terracotta temples in remote villages in Bengal that remained unknown and undocumented. I have (2001) prepared a popular article and two research papers are ready for publication. I interact usefully with a stream of students and research workers from the Kala Bhavana, Visva Bharati and Burdwan University Bardhaman.

Wood-carving in Saharanpur, Panjab

I received the grant when I was pursuing my MA at the National Museum Institute, New Delhi. It gave me an opportunity to have first hand experience of working in the field. I interacted with local artisans and got a deeper understanding of various aspects involved in woodcarving. I have no doubt in claiming that this was one of the first pieces of work ever to have been done on this art. Without the grant I don't think I could have done such a work, and the award has played a significant role in shaping my career.

Terracottas of Bihar (600 BC to 1000 AD)

The grant was very useful in preparing my MA dissertation in this subject and increased my interest in it. I am now (2001) pursuing my PhD in the field of terracotta art. I have published articles on contemporary terracotta art of Mithila (Bihar) and taught related subjects to MA students.